Vol6, Issue1 – 2017

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In this issue we explore the relationship between AI and the economy. The global financial system is a world-spanning network, which creates a causal relationship between people in separate corners of the world. IIIM’s Threadneedle project presents a new approach for economic research built on simulating the banking system and exploring the frameworks’ behavior, and their influence on macro- economic stability. Simulation has proven very beneficial for deepening the understanding and improving other distributed systems and has lead to successful building of computer networks, models of biological systems and the Internet.

This issue also offers an insight into Artificial Pedagogy, the  science of how to teach artificial intelligence. Research scientist Jordi Bieger answers some of our questions about the bringing up of artificial systems. His research revolves around teaching AI with an emphasis on systems that aspire to reach or surpass human-level intelligence.

Furthermore there is recollection of IIIM and CADIA’s AI Festival which also focused on AI and the Economy.




Finland eyes AI for economic growth

Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs has established its own dedicated steering group focused on artificial intelligence (AI) to advice the government on all things automation-related. With a goal to make Finland’s AI program a world-leader in the field, the effort plans to make AI and robotics the key to success for Finnish companies.

The evidence of a radical move towards AI and automation is all around us, and is picking up speed. AI is bound to bring about dramatic changes in the work market and the economical system as a whole may change significantly as a result in the coming decades.

The changes predicted will not only affect the companies that adopt the new technology but even more so those which do not. It is critical that governments and institutions prepare for this wave of change in advance, to be able to stay ahead and preserve the competitiveness of their country.

IIIM congratulates the Finnish on this initiative and urges other countries to explore well the opportunities which AI offers.

A.I. Capable of Caring for our Elderly

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) could become indispensable in caring for the growing population of elderly citizens in the near future.

IIIM and CMLab’s CoCoMaps project is about endowing robots with the ability to collaborate with humans and communicate using natural dialogue and could render them capable of performing jobs formerly only in the domain of humans. The project group is currently in active discussion with several companies interested in primarily voice-based infrastructures for elderly care. When ready, the platform will support applications where dialogue can replace complex user interface menus.

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Schedule a meeting with Grandma in Hannover

From the 2016 Hannover Messe exhibition hall. Photo from the Hannover Messe web site.

IIIM and CMLabs’ CoCoMap project will be featured on the Hannover Messe, the 24th to the 26th of April 2017.

This will be the first demo of the project – an endeavour which proposes to improve natural human-robot communication and collaboration by allowing robots and humans to work together on tasks requiring real-time dialogue skills.

The Hannover Messe demo will allow one person to stand in front of the computer and verbally organize a time slot for a meeting with a few other people. The computer will check the time slot against other participants’ schedules and get back with a response. While waiting for the response the computer might even throw in a chat about the weather. Continue reading Schedule a meeting with Grandma in Hannover

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