Gender Equality Policy

IIIM aims and strives to uphold fair and equal opportunities, rights, responsibilities, and salaries, for all its employees, board members, and collaborators (‘its people’), irrespective of their position in society, birth or choice of gender, or other particulars unrelated to their job function at IIIM. IIIM wows to uphold a meritocracy among its people, and aims to actively seek out and eliminate any practices and structures in its operations that create and sustain any kind of inequality other than that justified by their skill, education, or job function. IIIM will not tolerate harassment. To this end, IIIM management must:

  1. Always seek the best person for any role,
  2. Given a choice between otherwise equals, choose from the smallest minority group,
  3. Regularly seek out and report any inequalities among its ranks to the immediate superior, and
  4. seek out and immediately report any harassment among its people, whether related to gender or other identified factors.

In light of the above, IIIM upper management shall regularly revise and improve its rules and regulations that may result in, sustain or introduce inequalities of this kind, mend in appropriate ways any misdoings identified in past operations, to the best of its abilities.

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