Newsletter (2012 – 2017)

Vol6, Issue1 – 2017

The latest issue of IIIM’s newsletter is out now!

In this issue we explore the relationship between AI and the economy. The global financial system is a world-spanning network, which creates a causal relationship between people in separate corners of the world. IIIM’s Threadneedle project presents a new approach for economic research built on simulating the banking system and exploring the frameworks’ behavior, and their influence on macro- economic stability. Simulation has proven very beneficial for deepening the understanding and improving other distributed systems and has lead to successful building of computer networks, models of biological systems and the Internet.

This issue also offers an insight into Artificial Pedagogy, the  science of how to teach artificial intelligence. Research scientist Jordi Bieger answers some of our questions about the bringing up of artificial systems. His research revolves around teaching AI with an emphasis on systems that aspire to reach or surpass human-level intelligence.

Furthermore there is recollection of IIIM and CADIA’s Reykjavik AI Festival which also focused on AI and the Economy.

VOL5, ISSUE1 – 2016

The theme this time is the concept interdisciplinary research — often discussed but seldom understood. We start with our Director, Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson, giving an introduction to this important topic.

Our invited article in this issue is by former Director of ZiFF research institute in Bielefeld, Germany, Dr. Ipke Wachsmuth. Writes Wachsmuth: “Scientific research today is marked by a growing differentiation and specialization in the disciplines. A discipline is characterized by the questions it wants to answer, and the methods it employs to look for such answers. Increased specialization means an inevitable narrowing of focus, which is indeed its main goal. But a narrower focus may also lead to narrow-mindedness.”

Reykjavik University’s Center for Analysis & Design of Intelligent Agents and IIIM ran the Reykjavik AI Festival on the topic of killer robots and the industrial impact of AI. Titled “Terminator at Your Doorstep: How Dangerous is AI?”, the festival brought a lot of visitors, speakers, and presentations from companies in Iceland. Our guests of honor were Professor Dr. Noel Sharkey from the University of Sheffield and ethics specialist Dr. Salvör Nordal from the University of Iceland.

VOL4, ISSUE1 – 2015


The issue talks about the ethics of creating intelligent machines, and what effect this could have on our world. The Director of IIIM, Prof. Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson, announced a brand new Ethics Policy for Peaceful R&D – and certainly one of the world’s first such policies, if not the first. The policy takes aim at two major threats to societal prosperity and peace.

We also summarize the Reykjavik AI Festival, which focused on artificial general intelligence research, and introduced the IIIM Innovation Accelerator program for helping startups get to work with AI technologies.

VOL3, ISSUE1 – 2014

Vol3-issue1-2014IIIM’s fifth newsletter is now available. In it you’ll find an interesting collection of topics that touch upon the broad field of Artificial Intelligence. We interview the founders of IIIM’s first spinoff, Aldin Dynamics, and learn about their adventures in the world of virtual reality.

IIIM researcher Dr. Deon Garrett gives us insight into the project of creating more autonomous systems that require less direct human involvement, that could continue to improve well after they are deployed.

IIIM intern Thorbjörn Kristjánsson raises his concerns about the development of artificial intelligence and the ethical aspects and risks of its applications.

Happy reading!