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Aldin Interviewed About Virtual Reality in Morgunbladid

IIIM spin-off company Aldin Dynamics has been working in the field of virtual reality for over a year now, haven most recently announced that they are working on a game for Gear VR — a mobile head-mounted display that Samsung is creating with Oculus VR. Morgunbladid recently published a video interview, discussing Aldin’s successes so far and the growing consumer VR industry.

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Machine Intelligence Research Institute: Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson on Constructivist AI

Recently the renowned Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) published an extensive interview with IIIM Director Kristinn R. Thorisson on the subject of Constructivist AI — a methodology and approach to building artificial general intelligent systems (AGI) that Thórisson and his colleagues have been developing for the past decade. The full article can be found on […]

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Schedule Revealed: AI Festival 2014

As we announced a few weeks ago, IIIM is reviving the AI Festival, together with Reykjavik University’s CADIA. The schedule is now up on the website so that visitors can attend presentations in subfields relative to their interests.  So join us for an afternoon of lectures and discussion on Friday October 31 from 2-6 pm. […]

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Revival of the ArtificaI Intelligence Festival

IIIM, in collaboration with CADIA and Reykjavik University’s School of Computer Science, have decided to restart the AI Festival that was last held in 2008. This event is part of RU’s 50 year anniversary celebration of Tækniskólinn and will be held at Reykjavík University on October 31st. The Artificial Intelligence Festival will act as the […]

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Kristinn R. Thórisson interviewed on Nýsköpun-Íslensk vísindi

IIIM’s Director, Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson was recently interviewed on the Icelandic TV show Nýsköpun–Íslensk vísindi. During the interview, Dr. Thórisson discussed his work on a project that brings ideas once confined to the realm of science fiction closer to reality. The international research group, led by Dr. Thórisson, developed a computer that can learn […]

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