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Killer Robots Coming Soon: What Can We Do?

Dr. Noel Sharkey’s speech from the AI Festival 2015. He describes the various autonomous weapons used by militaries around the world and how the use of AI technology is already posing ethical questions in military affairs. All the lectures from the AI Festival 2015 can be found on our Youtube channel.

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Mint Solutions panta gervigreind og kaffi í Hátæknihraðlinum

Árið 2009 fóru nokkrir íslenskir nemar í MIT af stað með verkefni sem átti að ráðast gegn þekktu vandamáli í spítalarekstri sem þó var lítið talað um. Talið er að um að allt að fjórðungur lyfjagjafa á sjúkrahúsum og hjúkrunarheimilum séu rangar á einhvern hátt en erfitt hefur reynst að koma kerfisbundið í veg fyrir […]

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The Director of IIM talks about AI on Iceland’s national Radio

On November 11 the respected program Víðsjá at the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service interviewed IIIMManaging Director and research scientist Kristinn R. Thórisson about IIIM, RU’s AI lab CADIA, and his work on strong AI for the past 7 years. The interview was conducted by Marteinn Sindri Jónsson. It starts on 16.28.

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An opening for a Research Scientist at IIIM

The Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines seeks a candidate to fill a 12-month Postdoctoral Research Scientist position and Principal Investigator working on applied machine learning and advanced information systems prototyping. Responsibilities of the successful candidate include research on our ongoing industry collaboration projects, including work with Össur hf (, the National Commissioner of the Police […]

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Terminator at your doorstep?

The AI Festival, organized by IIIM and CADIA, was held last Friday October 23rd, with over 100 attendees. The festival this year was devoted to the possible dangers man kind faces from the use of artificial intelligence and how AI does not need to posses a human like personality with its own goals and desires […]

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