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Fact or Fiction: The Perils of the Path to Artificial Intelligence

Developments and research within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have been discussed greatly in recent times, especially in the context of how the developments affect modern society and its foundations. While participating in a newscast program, Spegillinn, on Icelandic radio, Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson shared his views and expertise in AI where he said […]

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Towards True AI: Artificial General Intelligence (Video from AI Festival 2014)

Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson gave a talk on Artificial General Intelligence at IIIM’s and CADIA’s AI festival where he emphasised that truly intelligent systems will not be anything like the software we know today, for at least two reasons: Today’s software cannot “figure stuff out for itself” and it has no “life of its own” […]

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The Challenges of General Video Game Playing (Video from AI Festival 2014)

Dr. Julius Togelius gave a talk on the challenges of general video game playing at IIIM’s and CADIA’s AI Festival. AI agents have been developed for a large number of games, but being able to play a single game well does not mean that an agent possesses any general intelligence. An agent that plays Pac-Man […]

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Playing to Win: Success of CADIA´s General Game Playing Machine (Video from AI Festival 2014)

Why are there still games that we can not solve with AI systems, like the board-game Go? The area of General Game Playing tries to bridge the gap between these different games and develop more general solutions. Dr. Schiffel provides a look behind the success of CADIA in this field and discuss how this research is relevant beyond playing games.

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Talk from AI Festival 2014: AI Beyond One Trick Programs

Dr. Claes Strannegård gave a talk at the last AI Festival, focusing on AI beyond one trick programs — describing and demonstrating a system that mimics certain aspects of children’s cognitive development, maintaining versatility.

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