Ethics Policy

In the past few years the ubiquity of AI systems, such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s powerful search engine, and IBM’s question-answering system Watson, has resulted in a waxing interest in AI across the globe, increasing funding available for such technologies in all its forms. We should expect a speedup, not a status quo or slowdown, of global advances and adaptation of AI technologies, across all industries. It is becoming increasingly important for researchers and laboratories to take a stance on who is to benefit from their R&D efforts — just a few individuals, groups, and governments, or the general people of planet Earth? This is what we are doing today. This is why our Ethics Policy for Peaceful R&D exists. As far as we know, no other R&D laboratory has initiated such a policy.


1. Japan Looks to End Taboo on Military Research at Universities — Government wants to tap best scientists to bolster defenses. By Eric Pfanner and Chieko Tsuneoka, March 24, 2015, 11:02 p.m. ET

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