Interview in Siddegisutvarpid (May 31st, 2010)

What is the future potential of IIIM? How could artificial intelligence aid in major disasters? How does processing power effect innovations in the field of AI? These questions and others are answered in this great interview with the director of IIIM. (The interview is in Icelandic)

Guðfinnur Sigurfinnson and Hallgrimur Thorsteinsson interview Dr. Thorisson, director of IIIM, on May 31st, 2010. Their interview covers what artificial intelligence is in its general form and its practical applications, continuing regarding future work of IIIM; bridging academia and industry and inventions that the collaboration could produce.

Does the Future of AGI Lie in Cognitive Synergy? – Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel

At its inception in the 1950s, AI aimed at producing human level general intelligence in machines. Within a decade or so the difficulty of that goal became evident, and it was scaled back to one of producing systems displaying intelligence within narrow domains. Over the past few years, however, there has been a resurgence of research interest in the original goals of AI, based on the assessment that, due to advances in computer hardware, computer science, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and domain-specific AI, we are in a far better position to approach these goals than were the founders of AI.

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Four Basic Questions about Artificial Intelligence – Pei Wang

PeiWang-photoGuest article contributed to IIIM
by Pei Wang

In this essay, I am going to discuss four basic questions about Artificial Intelligence (AI):

-What is AI?
-Can AI be built?
-How to build AI?
-Should AI be built?

Every AI researcher probably has answers to these questions, and so do many people interested in AI. These questions are “basic”, since the answers to them are often dependent on by the answers to many other questions in AI.

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