Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biotechnology: Striking a Balance of Power

Will future developments in military technology lead to disparity that threatens the balance of power in the socio-political arena? This is the main question asked by Tony Cartalucci in the article  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biotechnology: Striking a Balance of Power -published on the site of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

The balance of power referred to in the article denotes the diminishing disparity between nations in terms of military power, economic power and cultural influences. It is a disparity made possible by pioneering and monopolizing a technology and tactics which gives those in favour an immediate advantage over those who do not possess the same assets.

Cartalucci explores whether artificial intelligence and biotechnology can erode this balance of power and once again establish economic, military and cultural disparity between nations. Both biotechnology and artificial intelligence can be used to achieve good things, such as the eradication of cancer and rebuilding heart muscles, but also bad things such as reducing fertility and diminishing intelligence. He argues for a fair distribution of these technologies to ensure it is available for the people who need it, and ends up in the hands of more people intending to counter abuses made available by those who monopolize it.

-Commentary by Thorbjorn Kristjánsson.