IIIM Scientist Appointed to the Central Bank’s Board of Directors

The Central Bank of Iceland

IIIM research scientist and principal investigator Dr. Jacky Mallett has been appointed to the Supervisory Board of Iceland’s Central Bank.

The Board of the Central Bank is selected in a proportional representation by the Icelandic parliament, Althingi, and oversees surveillance of the Bank’s operations. Dr. Mallett was appointed by the Pirate Party which holds 6 of Althingi’s 63 seats.

Dr. Mallett is a multi-disciplinary scientist with a PhD in computer science from MIT and 30 years of industry and research experience in designing, building, and troubleshooting distributed systems, including real-time critical systems, high performance computing, signal processing, and wide-area networking. At IIIM she has built computational models of the Icelandic financial system in an information-theoretic framework that accurately reproduces its double entry book keeping operations. Her team is now working on is now adding foreign exchange transfer using correspondence banking operations to allow accurate multi-national economic simulations of foreign exchange and capital flows.

Dr. Mallett is currently working on machine learning approaches to time series analysis with Nox Medical and deCODE Genetics, as part of a Rannis-funded project on sleep apnea diagnosis.

We congratulate Dr. Mallett and the Central Bank on her appointment and look forward to seeing her extensive expertise and analytical knowledge benefitting the Bank’s forces.