IIIM Director Quoted in ‘University World News’

A recent article by Jan Petter Myklebust explains how ChatGPT is having an effect on university teaching and evaluation. The article, published on March 4, 2023, titled “Universities adjust to ChatGPT, but the ‘real AI’ lies ahead,” quotes IIIM’s Director and Founder Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson in the heading. Thórisson suggests that while technologies like ChatGPT are rather far from real intelligence, it provides the world with some good exercise in what may lay ahead in the coming years and decades of AI research.

The article covers academic developments related to AI in Norway, Finnland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. According to the article’s author, the Technical University of Denmark has officially banned the use of artificial intelligence in their exams, while Professor Philip John Binning, the university’s dean of graduate studies and international affairs, says that the institution does not have a good recipe to handle the issue. He considers technologies like ChatGPT as “contributing to the creation of a new reality,” comparing its impact to the advent of the Internet.

Dr. Thórisson, who has worked for 30 years on artificial general intelligence projects, applied AI projects, in both academia and industry, predicts that over the next 3 decades new methodologies will take over those based on artificial neural networks (which, despite the name, have very little to do with the ‘real’ neural networks found in nature), resulting in significant advances for automation, creating more trustworthy methods for achieving all sorts of control that will transform numerous industries and social arenas.