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Meet Us During Visindavaka Festival – European Researchers’ Night 2010!

Logo for Visindavaka 2010 at Reykjavik Art MuseumWe cordially invite you to come see us during the Visindavaka festival on September 24th! At this annual event, held at the Reykjavik Art Museum in Hafnargata (see map below), you’ll get a chance to learn about our work: How we want to accelerate processes of innovation in ways never before possible, using intelligent software and simulations.
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Interview with IIIM Director on Robots Podcast – Part 2

Previously we posted an interview with Kristinn R. Thórisson, Director of IIIM, on the famed Robots Podcast show. Here is another invited interview on Robots Podcasts’ 50th episode anniversary special. Several interesting members of the AI community are included in this episode, as noted on the Robots Podcast website:

In today’s episode we speak with Jean-Christophe Zufferey on flying robots, Dan Kara on the robotics market, Kristinn Thórisson on AI, Andrea Thomaz on human robot interactions, Terry Fong on space robotics and Richard Jones on nano robots.

If you’d like to fast forward to Thorisson’s interview, it begins at about 29:30 into the show.

IIIM Supports the Icelandic Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR)

Logo of ISIRWiki - wiki website of the Icelandic Society for Intelligence ResearchIn 2005 a group of students founded Iceland’s first AI society; the Icelandic Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR). Among their efforts was a wiki-website called ISIRWiki intended for collecting information on AI; the website grew fast and quickly became the most comprehensive online resource for Icelandic information on AI.

Now we are pleased to announce that IIIM has offered to host ISIRWiki. The ISIRWiki is a great asset to the Icelandic AI community, aiding and documenting both academic and industrial work in this area. It is now back online and viewable on the ISIR websiteContinue reading IIIM Supports the Icelandic Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR)

Deon Garrett Joins IIIM Research Staff

It is a pleasure to announce a new member of our research staff, Deon Garrett, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Memphis in 2008, where he worked on metaheuristics for multiobjective optimization. His work was primarily in building algorithms that can learn to detect and exploit structures in multiobjective search spaces. Dr. Garrett has also worked in machine learning and computer security. He has served as a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO), the Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), and has served on the Program Committee for the SpringSim Annual Simulation Symposium.