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Interview with IIIM Director on Robots Podcast – Part 2

Previously we posted an interview with Kristinn R. Thórisson, Director of IIIM, on the famed Robots Podcast show. Here is another invited interview on Robots Podcasts’ 50th episode anniversary special. Several interesting members of the AI community are included in this episode, as noted on the Robots Podcast website:

In today’s episode we speak with Jean-Christophe Zufferey on flying robots, Dan Kara on the robotics market, Kristinn Thórisson on AI, Andrea Thomaz on human robot interactions, Terry Fong on space robotics and Richard Jones on nano robots.

If you’d like to fast forward to Thorisson’s interview, it begins at about 29:30 into the show.

Interview in Siddegisutvarpid (May 31st, 2010)

What is the future potential of IIIM? How could artificial intelligence aid in major disasters? How does processing power effect innovations in the field of AI? These questions and others are answered in this great interview with the director of IIIM. (The interview is in Icelandic)

Guðfinnur Sigurfinnson and Hallgrimur Thorsteinsson interview Dr. Thorisson, director of IIIM, on May 31st, 2010. Their interview covers what artificial intelligence is in its general form and its practical applications, continuing regarding future work of IIIM; bridging academia and industry and inventions that the collaboration could produce.