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Article Quotes IIIM Director, The Age Education Resource Centre

In his article “Standby for an amazing year” Peter Spinks focuses on the challenging goals that scientists worldwide have set for the near future. Within the article P. Spinks turns to IIIM director Kristinn R. Thorisson for his opinion on the development in the field of machine intelligence, innovations in AI and systems that react to verbal and non-verbal communication and perform tasks.

As computers get faster and more powerful, chances are it won’t be long before they start resembling machines that ”think”. New designs and computer architectures would require the development of super-software systems.

You can find the whole article at The Age Education Resource Centre website.

Open Position: Researcher/Software Engineer – IIIM – Fall 2010

IIIM logoThe Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines (IIIM) is a newly-founded research institute focusing on artificial intelligence and simulation. We have positions open for research scientists and software engineers at both junior and senior levels. Of particular interest are individuals with both theoretical and hands-on experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning
  • Machine perception (vision, hearing, proprioception), sensor fusion
  • Cognitive robotics, human-robot interaction

If you are good at programming complex software systems, formulating fundamental research questions, and writing scientific reports or grant proposals, please submit your application or questions via email to: jobs -at- iiim.is. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis. For more information about us, see IIIM.is (or our jobs section).