Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biotechnology: Striking a Balance of Power

Will future developments in military technology lead to disparity that threatens the balance of power in the socio-political arena? This is the main question asked by Tony Cartalucci in the article  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biotechnology: Striking a Balance of Power -published on the site of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

The balance of power referred to in the article denotes the diminishing disparity between nations in terms of military power, economic power and cultural influences. It is a disparity made possible by pioneering and monopolizing a technology and tactics which gives those in favour an immediate advantage over those who do not possess the same assets.

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Threadneedle: Simulating the Financial System

Dr. Jacky Mallett. Photo: Morgunblaðið/Ófeigur.

Threadneedle was featured today in Morgunblaðið (Morning Paper) with an interview with IIIM’s Dr. Jacky Mallett – the scientist behind the software.

Threadneedle is a simulation framework developed to explore the behaviour of the banking system. It is based on a double entry book-keeping engine which reproduces the same monetary transactions used in modern banking. Threadneedle is the world’s first ‘atomic level’ simulation of the banking and financial system, and is meant to help us understand how the underlying mechanisms of the monetary system influence the behaviour of the whole economy.

Dr. Mallett goes over what  initially led her to work on the simulation and how it could benefit regulators and economists of the future.

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How would you treat a Robot?

Dolores Abernathy is one of the main characters in Westworld.

Artificial intelligence has long fascinated authors of books, movies and television shows. The science fiction buffs were in for a treat when HBO released their new series ‘Westworld’, which takes place in a theme park where robots indistinguishable from humans entertain guests who come to enjoy and raid a world simulating the Wild West.

The show embarks on a reoccurring theme in science fiction. “How would we treat artificial intelligence which displayed emotions similar to hours.?”

IIIM director, Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson, sat down with journalist Ásgeir Ingvarsson at Morgunblaðið and discussed A.I. and the philosophical questions the creation of generally intelligent machines would raise.

You can read the whole article here.

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