Come visit us on IIIM & CADIA Open Day


Spring has arrived and it’s time for the annual IIIM & CADIA Open Day. This is a great opportunity for all of those interested in the newest achievements in the field of AI as they can join the IIIM and CADIA researchers for an afternoon of exciting and informative presentations.


A New Kind of AI
The RU-led EU-funded HUMANOBS project has produced a radically new approach to machine learning. Rooted in cybernetics, the approach allows computer agents to learn complex tasks by observation, without the detailed information needed up-front in prior approaches.

Laboratory for Unmanned Vehicles
We describe some of the current research projects at the laboratory, including flapping-wing unmanned air vehicles, quadcopters, and autonomous underwater vehicles.

Using Voice and Other Signals to Characterize the Emotional State of the Talker
It is important to develop the capability of automatic systems to detect and recognize emotions and affect in humans. Usually, such recognition is based on one or more observations which can be voice, video and neurophysiological measures. Currently our research has two application areas: monitoring cognitive load and stress in order to maximize task performance of air traffic controllers and to diagnose depression and anxiety disorders. But the ability to identify and monitor emotional states in humans is also very important in the development of robotics and virtual agents.

Simulated Self-Directed Growth of Human Tissue
Tissue growth lies at the core of life. The ability to simulate it in detail would bring a deeper understanding of the underlying principles. Powerful methods to simulate such processes have been long in coming. We present new methods for creating simulations of complex processes in the absence of a full mathematical model.

Spatio-Semantic Knowledge for Intelligent Household Robots
The future will bring autonomous robots to help us with tasks in the home and office, from moving furniture to painting to acting as tour guides. How will these robots perceive and understand their environment?


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Date & Time: Thursday, May 23 from 15:30-17.15.

Venue: V102, 1st floor Venus building, Reykjavik University.

Research at IIIM and CADIA

  • Dr. Hannes H. Vilhjálmsson welcomes Open Day visitors
  • Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson HUMANOBS: A New Kind of AI
  • Dr. Leifur Þór Leifsson Laboratory for Unmanned Vehicles
  • Guðrún Fema Ólafsdóttir Simulated Self-Directed Growth of Human Tissue
  • Dr. Jón Guðnason Using the Voice and Other Signals to Characterize the Emotional State of the Talker
  • Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson Spatio-Semantic Knowledge for Intelligent Household Robots

17:15 Refreshments