Video Presentation from IIIM & CADIA Open Day – Laboratory for Unmanned Vehicles

Image2-webOn IIIM & CADIA Open Day Dr. Leifur Thór Leifsson, Assistant Professor at School of Science and Engineering at Reykjavík University, presented the Laboratory for Unmanned Vehicles (LUV) and its projects. Vehicles that are being developed at LUV are Flapping-Wing Unmanned Air vehicle (UAV), Quadcopters, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and more. Leifur is looking at potential usage of such vehicles, surroundings that have to be taken into account, etc. Flapping-Wing UAV is explored in more detail during this presentation. 

This presentation is part of a series of presentations that were held on IIIM & CADIA Open Day in spring 2013.

All presentations from IIIM & CADIA Open Day can be found on Youtube.

Open Day Presentation: Dr. Leifur Thór Leifsson