Computer Weekly: “IIIM Could Revolutionize AI”

In a recent article that appeared in Computer Weekly, IIIM is put at the forefront of the AI revolution with the catchy headline “Icelandic Research Could Revolutionise AI”. Reporter Pat Barnes continues, “The new approach [to AI], led by Kristinn Thórisson, director of IIIM and a professor at Reykjavik University, differs from existing approaches to AI [… It relies …] on self-supervised learning [… and …]  a form of ‘reasoning’ – where the system autonomously generates hypotheses and tests them.” 

Funded in part by CISCO Systems in San Francisco, the research builds on earlier work also lead by Kristinn R. Thórisson, then at the Reykjavik University AI lab CADIA, under a 2M Euro research grant from the European Union.

States the article “To understand the significance of the research that Thórisson and his team are doing […] it is useful to understand the difference between strong AI and weak AI. Strong AI, also known as artificial general intelligence (AGI) or general machine intelligence, refers to a system that can solve problems in multiple domains. Strong AI learns over time through experience. […] Thórisson’s approach, auto-catalytic endogenous reflective architecture (AERA), can change its behaviour on the fly. It takes in new information and ‘thinks’ about what it already knows and what the new data indicates.”

The article goes into further detail, mentioning one of the AERA research team’s close collaborators and the goals that the teams have set themselves in this work. Whether the heading of the article comes true, only time will tell.

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