IIIM’s Spinoff, Aldin Dynamics, Working on a Gear VR Title

PastedGraphic-4It has been confirmed that Aldin Dynamics is among an exclusive number of developers already creating software for Samsung’s new Gear VR smartphone-powered virtual reality headset, a product that was only announced last Thursday, September 5th. The announcement caused quite a stir in the VR world since it was revealed that Oculus and Samsung are collaborating on the product. 

So far Aldin has stated that they are working on a Gear VR title, confirming on social media that it would be revealed soon.


“We’re now seeing growing dedication to VR on all major computing platforms – desktop PCs, gaming consoles and mobile. These are really exciting times” Aldin’s CEO Hrafn Thorisson told IIIM, “mobile VR is a new frontier and we’re really excited to take part in creating the first content.”