The Robot is About to Run – Nordic Countries Preparing Big Steps in AI

A new research report about the state of artificial intelligence (AI) research and development in the Nordic countries reveals their readiness to move the needle on AI development. Strong interest from governments, established research centers, as well as a highly trusted public sector, form a strong basis for the Nordic countries to further climb the Global AI Index ranking. By reaching rank 11, Finland officially showed that their early phases of preparation have been successfully completed and replaced by the phase of actual development. The other Nordic countries are expected to follow this pattern closely in the coming months and years. They are not only about to move in a single direction, however, but to head into different AI key sectors simultaneously. While Sweden’s strength lies in manufacturing and process industry, Denmark is focusing heavily on life sciences. As one of many examples, this fact underlines the broadness of expertise that is spread all over Scandinavia – making them ready to transform their first steps into a run. -LH

The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Nordic Countries [Oxford Research 2021]