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CADIA-Player Named 2012 GGP Champion

CADIA’s GGP agent CADIA-Player won this year’s General Game Playing competition hosted at the AAAI conference, reclaiming the title it lost in 2009.  On its road to the title it defeated winners from the previous two years. As a winner of the competition, CADIA-Player also played an exhibition match consisting of three games against a human player — Chris Welty from IBM — and won convincingly.

Invitation from Startup Reykjavik: Startup BBQ Party

 Tonight Only: Startup Reykjavik Open-Party: Be the inspiration.

Startup Reykjavik is hosting its last BBQ and Beer event before Investor Day. They are opening their doors to all the entrepreneurs (and wannabe entrepreneurs) in Iceland, and beyond.

It is all about inspiration and networking, and embracing the opportunities which entrepreneurs can discover and create in a friendly and  informal setting.

Dr. Ari Kristinn Jónsson, Rector of Reykjavik University, will host the BBQ… and has promised to use some of his patented NASA techniques to create a fun atmosphere.

Brad Feld, the legendary investor at Foundry Group will be on Skype at 16:00 to discuss the love-hate affair between entrepreneurs and investors.

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