Revival of the ArtificaI Intelligence Festival

IIIM, in collaboration with CADIA and Reykjavik University’s School of Computer Science, have decided to restart the AI Festival that was last held in 2008. This event is part of RU’s 50 year anniversary celebration of Tækniskólinn and will be held at Reykjavík University on October 31st.

The Artificial Intelligence Festival will act as the crossroads of industry, academia, and the public. AI researchers will talk about their recent findings and exchange information with the public, industry members and startups. International speakers are scheduled to speak and share their work to enhance knowledge and connections within the AI community. Startups in AI and tech are also invited to display their products and services. The aim of this event is to create a melting pot where all interested in AI can meet and learn about developments in the field.

This year’s focus is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), building the capacity to create machines capable of performing the same tasks as a human being.

Stay tuned for a detailed schedule to be revealed soon!