Schedule Revealed: AI Festival 2014


As we announced a few weeks ago, IIIM is reviving the AI Festival, together with Reykjavik University’s CADIA. The schedule is now up on the website so that visitors can attend presentations in subfields relative to their interests.  So join us for an afternoon of lectures and discussion on Friday October 31 from 2-6 pm. All the lectures will be in English and the festival is open to everyone.

Location: Reykjavik University, Lecture Hall V101

14:00 Dr. Kristinn R. Þórisson – Welcome
14:05 Dr. Claes Strannegard, Chalmers University, Sweden – Artificial Intelligence Beyond One-Trick Programs
14:40 Dr. Stefan Schiffel – Playing to Win: Success of CADIA’s General Game Playing Machine
14:55 Coffee break
15:10 Dr. Julian Togelius, IT University, Copenhagen – The Challenges of General Video Game Playing
15:40 Dr. Kristinn R. Þórisson, CADIA/IIIM – Towards True AI: Artificial General Intelligence
16:00 Dr. Ari K. Jónsson, RU, Rector – Research, Innovation and Education in AI
16:05 Dr. Hannes H. Vilhjálmsson – Exhibition Introduction
16:10 – 18:00 Exhibition in the Sun: AI and High-Tech in Iceland
16:30 IIIM and CADIA’s High-Tech Accelerator

IIIM and CADIA’s High-Tech Accelerator will be pre-launched at the AI Festival with a special meeting on high-tech consulting for startups and possibility of collaboration with IIIM and CADIA. There will be focus on the expertise and specialization present in Iceland as well as a Q&A for the public to ask questions.

Registration for the High-Tech Accelerator: The meeting is open to all interested. It is recommended that each company is represented both by business developers and technical staff. To register, please send an email to with the company name and number of people attending.

More information on the event can be found here