Annual Festival Explores AI: Man’s Greatest Invention or the End of Mankind?

IMG_7519-modOn October 31st the annual AI Festival was held at Reykjavík University. The aim of the festival was to get a glimpse into the future of this fast-growing research field. This year’s theme was Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and the festival was a great success with over 100 people attending and participating. The festival was divided into two main parts, public talks and an exhibition of the latest developments in AI and high-tech in Iceland from two perspectives, researchers developing new innovations and the companies deploying AI and high-tech solutions with their products and services. The festival covered the enhancements of intelligent machines, future possibilities of automated high-tech solutions and the challenges researchers in the forefront of the field face right now.  The Icelandic Institute of Intelligent Machines and RU’s CADIA (Center for Analysis & Design of Intelligent Agents) hosted and organized the festival, which was a part of Reykjavik University’s anniversary celebrations.

The festival also marked the beginning of IIIM and CADIA’s collaborative outreach program to new Icelandic startups in the high-tech industry, the High-Tech Highway (Hraðbrautin). Startups attended a meeting where IIIM’s and CADIA’s research fields were introduced along with possibilities for collaboration. This proved highly successful with many interested startups voicing their issues in development and a common thread made it apparent that IIIM and CADIA possess the knowledge and techniques needed to improve their products and move their development phases forward more quickly.

RU’s Sun was the venue for the AI and High-Tech Exhibition where researchers and companies showcased their work, productions and solutions to the interested public. The showcase was a diverse spread of large and small companies whose products and research involved AI and high-tech solutions.

People got answers to many interesting questions about the capabilities and applications of AI, such as:

  • Can stress be detected for peoples voices?
  • Can a computer understand Icelandic
  • Does the first impression of an intelligent agent and a human matter?
  • Can an intelligent agent learn to be a radio show host?
  • Can virtual reality be used to develop a people-friendly city?
  • Can intelligent agents teach Icelandic?
  • Can machines fly like birds?
  • Can robots explore the depths of the sea one their own and unattended?