Talk from AI Festival 2014: AI Beyond One Trick Programs

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 14.28.02Dr. Claes Strannegård gave a talk at the last AI Festival, focusing on AI beyond one trick programs — describing and demonstrating a system that mimics certain aspects of children’s cognitive development, maintaining versatility.

This presentation is part of a series of presentations that were held on IIIM & CADIA AI Festival in 2014.

All presentations from IIIM & CADIA AI Festival can be found on Youtube.

AI Festival 2014: Dr. Claes Strannegård – AI Beyond One Trick Programs;

About AI Festival 2014

IIIM and RU’s CADIA collaborated on hosting and organising the AI Festival 2014. The aim was to get a glimpse into the future of this fast-growing research field. The theme was Artificial General Intelligence and the festival covered the enhancements of intelligent machines, future possibilities of automated high-tech solutions and the challenges researchers in the forefront of the field face right now. The AI Festival was a part of Reykjavik University’s anniversary celebrations.